Monday, September 6, 2010

Persecutions of Roma/Gypsies Have Never Stopped, 1400 to Now. Why?

Unlike settled Europeans, who fought war after war over territories,
their own and those of their neighbors, all Roma ever wanted was to be
left alone. Instead of war they showed respect to the territories they
crossed, as well as the bigger animals that shared their living space.
They arrived into Western culture with a great variety of professions –
iron-forging, horse-dealing, basket weaving, lace-making etc., and of
course entertainment – music, dancing, traveling circuses with all kinds
of performing acts, fortune-telling.

So why the enduring hate? The reasons on the part of those who live a
settled life have been explained, examined, over and over again –
xenophobia, prejudice, misconceptions, the need to produce a scapegoat
to blame for their own times of trouble.

But what about the part of the Roma themselves? I personally believe, as
more and more open territory came under control, the professions the
Roma had travelled with for centuries became obsolete through
modernization, the Roma were forced into poverty and areas encircled by
the totalitarian law of Might is Right. By then, what had once been the
Romani way of survival was turning against them. Life in small,
traveling units, by then had resulted in division instead of unity, lack
of unity in turn made them vulnerable to attack, lack of opportunity for
work, forced them into petty crime (within their own culture, theft,
lying were considered high treason, and practically non-existent).
Instead of human rights, a Roma baby received brands that he or she
would never able to erase.

But I firmly believe a new day is dawning for the Roma people. I see,
that instead of withdrawing into invisibility at the onslaught of
persecution, as they have done in the past believing that only then they
could survive, Roma people are starting to unite. Modern type leaders
will start to emerge from their midst. They are starting to demand their
European birth rights, thereby exposing the hypocrisy of countries who
call themselves democratic. As they do so, idealistic non-Gypsies have
started to, and will increase in numbers, march along their sides in

'Opre Roma' (Roma Rise) is becoming a reality.


  1. a firm moral/social support for your cause...

  2. There is one significant incompleteness among the roma nations - it's ability to speak and to understand meaning of spoken or written idea, they have consciousness but just consciousness of their own, it is turned inside and it seem consist just - with their simple daily needs, very few words and concepts.

    The poor knowledge of common language - or lack of language at al, is very serious shortage - and, most likely, it is the main reason for failures of every efforts for better life.
    Well, one could say that there are lack of ability for communication, and languages - all over the Europe among the roma folk.
    I have nothing to say for that sort of claim for I am not any kind of expert.
    What I can say with my experience; - is this: there are poor and pale expression even in their native mother language, and even among the romanises in the northern Europe foe example in such country as Finland.
    One could also say that by our days gipsies have remanded dead-mute without any means of communication, so the first mission should be let them have some language.

  3. I have to agree with you. For any persecuted community, protest/leadership must come from within for it to be taken note of. It's a positive sign that the Romas are standing up for their own rights, while also inviting human rights activists to their cause.

  4. I think that roma live at hight tide and now or ever have put the boat afloat, the moment is historical and do not give up now, because when the tide begin turn, the opportunity to get movement into change - is soon lost and won't return never again, the time is mature and it have to use up now.
    I say this because I know little bit about the nature of roma, they are much like wolves, getting little success they soon withdraw by their ancient instinct.
    The secondly; the everlasting controversy between the clans and families must forget and direct all power to the mutual goal.

  5. Thank you Sonia, for this post, which I have forwarded to
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    I am enjoying Dosha, and am happy to review it.
    And to thank you for the work you do.
    LoloDiklo: Romani Against Racism