Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Europe Forced Roma/Gypsies Off Their Ancient Treks and Set Them Up For Failure

Their culture was different from those of settled folks. They were
entrepreneurs specializing in iron-smitheries, lace and candle-stick
making, basket-weaving, dealing in the animal that was sacred to them,
the horse. Nobody can handle a horse the way a Lovara horse-dealer can.
But most of all they were artists, dancers, singers, musicians, poets,
actors and circus performers. They added joy to the often drab lives of

Their strength centered on absolute honesty and loyalty within the
tribe. Their leaders were chosen because of intelligence and
selflessness. Strict cleanliness rules surrounded their daily lives,
rich with children. They watched with horror of killer war after killer
war of the settled folks. A silent minority, they withdrew and moved on.

But the laws of the settled folks were rigid and strictly enforced. They
allowed for no freely moving parts that did not belong. So little by
little, these peace-loving nomads found their treks barred. They were
pushed into areas nobody else wanted, hidden from sight. Here they were
offered no schooling, in order to be branded as ignorant. No sanitation
in order to be called dirty. No opportunity to make a living, so that
theft was often the only means of survival, so that would mark them as
thieves, or lazy.

The time has come to right these century-old wrongs. The Gypsy people
are like all other people. They have their good and their bad. They do
have different value systems. To them rich is not what you own, but what
you share. Life is there to enjoy within the circle of those you love.
Try and look at our world through their eyes: - the wars, the dictators,
the inequality, the deterioration of family life, the obsession with
worldly goods.

We, the non-Gypsies, should celebrate not destroy what is left of their
culture. Stop persecuting the Roma people. They for one do not deserve it.

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