Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Could The Dream Of Romasia Work In Reality?

[Roma Daily News] The first stone of Romasia, the land of Roma dream,
has been laid.

….."the idea was to purchase farmland, or to renovate derelict and
abandoned farmhouses where we could create working communities (many
have compared these Romasia farms to the Israeli kibbutz). The working
communities would consist of Roma families with a certain kinship,
people with skill in construction, agriculture, cattle-breeding – skills
that exist in practically every Roma nucleus, and are often carried out
to a high level of specialization and expertise."

I have lived on a Kibbutz in Israel in the early 60's. It was the
purest form of communism, in the good the sense, that I have ever come
across. The problem is that this form of isolationism cannot sustain
itself without solid bridges to the world that surrounds it. In this
increasingly complex world everything has to boil down to a give and
take. We all have to fit into and share this modern community of man,
otherwise instead of creating a separate community/country we create a
zone of war. I believe in diversity of cultures, I also believe that
without building bridges of peace and cooperation they will be endangered.

Meanwhile….. "the dream of building Romasia has gone ahead – but with
the help of private funds. The project is underway in Arad (Romania)
while the first plot of land has already been purchased in Costata
(again Romania)….."

Something positive has to happen to offer Europe's Roma a life worth
living. I do hope and wish this could be that solution, and it could,
with all sides willing to compromise.

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