Monday, February 22, 2010

The Legend Of When Roma Still Had Wings….

And those forced to live on the ground envied the Roma people their beautiful wings, with which they were able to soar in freedom high above the misery below. That was the way of Gypsy life until the day they were lured out of the sky by an open courtyard glittering with gold and precious Stones. From the moment they landed, blinded by greed for the glistening treasures, dark ravens robbed the Gypsy people of their magical wings. It was from then on, that Roma were forced to cross the land of the Gadje like everyone else on the ground.


  1. Dear Sonia Meyer,

    I was reading the Open Society Institute Blog and stumbled on your website. I read the biography section, and it seemed very interesting.

    I've always been very interested in the Roma, though I'm not Roma myself. My family is originally from India, but we immigrated here to the United States many years ago.

    I would love to know where I can get a copy of your book. It sounds absolutely interesting.

    I have a very good Roma-American friend named Couri Novak. She is a Roma rights activist. She and I were thinking how nice it would be if Indian-Americans and Roma-Americans would network more often and try to learn about each others culture.

    You seem very interesting. Are you on Facebook? (I hope you don't mind my asking.)

    Take care,
    Sarika Singh

  2. Hi again,

    I just wanted to give you my Email address.
    It's So that you can reach me.