Monday, July 30, 2012

AMERICAN GYPSY - Defiling through Distortion.

What if……….British TV were to arrive into the States wanting to create a reality show on The American Family of Today! What if they chose Vermont, a state in tough economic shape? There they decide to choose, not the most enterprising among the locals running their own small businesses, not those working two jobs to keep their families afloat, but some of the ones perpetually on welfare, fat women with babies, often officially divorced (but not separated) to increase welfare checks, their men out in the woods shooting guns. Of course those welfare recipients would be more than happy to comply = extra money, little effort. Now let us image that particular reality show would turn into an instant hit in Great Britain. Would it be far-fetched to assume Americans would be enraged at such a distortion?

So are the Gypsies/Roma , as well as Gypsy activists viewing an off-the-wall Gypsy family being portrayed as your average Roma family, it being clear to anyone who really knows Roma, that they are acting, making money with a performance that has little to do with the life of most Gypsies I have known in Europe or the U.S . Petitions were sent to me to ban the show, pointing out that while this outrageous distortion is being broadcast, Gypsies/Roma are persecuted in Europe almost like a rerun of the holocaust . Then……………

I talked to a friend, one who knows more about the life of Roma in America than anybody else I know, is more dedicated to fighting for a better future for these people who have been persecuted since their arrival into Western culture more than 700 years ago. To my surprise he said to me: On the contrary, maybe this will help bring the problems of the Roma people out in the open. Find out the truth behind the killer prejudice. Shine a light on persecutions that are spread all over Europe, but silenced by the press.

So let's start a discussion. First item

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a blockbuster in the U.K. Fact or Fiction?

Dosha, flight of the Russian Gypsies

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