Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who is Behind the Successful Rise of the Neo-Nazis in Hungary?

[Herald Scotland, Monday 14 June 2020]:
Hungary's far-ight backed by 'rolling Moscow roubles'
Gabriel Ronay in Budapest, Hungary

13 Jun 2010

"Hungary's Jobbik party, the shrillest among Central and Eastern
Europe's far right parties, has been exposed as having received secret
financial support from Russia as quid pro quo for its anti-European
Union and anti-Nazi bluster.

The issue of 'rolling Russian gold roubles', and alleged 'Iranian cash
gifts' helping sustain a virulently anti-Roma and anti-semitic party
that flaunts its hostility to Western liberal democracy is troubling
Hungarian public opinion.

The proto-fascist party's xenophobia and strong-arm actions against what
it calls 'the criminal Roma' have secured it a measure of popularity –
and, because of its anti-Western stance, Russia's interest is not

All I can say, as one who grew up in the midst of racial strife, to the
Hungarian people: Watch out. Racial strife kills on both sides of the
aisle. Remember the American Civil war! Remember Germany. They killed
all those people, but there was nothing left of Germany in the end.
They were lucky the American offered them a helping hand, else…………nobody
knows what would have happened to a Germany in rubble.

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