Monday, May 3, 2010

The Perilous Maiden Flight Of The Newborn Novel.

You write, because your passion is the written word. You make love to
life, in order to give birth to creatures made of words. The incubation
is often longer than for any other creature born of mind or body. Labor
is long and painful. But at long last your creature born of passion has
come to life. You have to let it fly. But the journey ahead is perilous
and instead of friends is full of judges, who decide who will live and
who will die. First are the hunters, agents for those who have conquered
the power to decide who can seek the light and who will be banned to the
realm of shades. You, mother of your creation tries to shadow your
hatchling with wide spread wings. But those who judge your hatchling
from the ground below and you, will rarely see eye to eye. You are from
different spheres. When, suddenly, luck comes to your aid. One of your
own is chosen to claim a piece of glory for its own. You cannot help but
glow with relief and pride.

Not so fast, for there is more.

Last but not least, fellow writers, there are the reviewers. And, after
all that circling and search in flight they can swat your newborn to the
ground. By then you, its creator, have stepped naked into the world.
Every pimple, every scar, every part of your body is out there in the
open, there for the world to examine, to take apart, like a sentence
that can't be put back together again. But……………..

You not to worry, beloved writer friend. Never forget, it is you who has
the wings. It is you, who knows how to fly. All it takes is find the
proper place to land. Once there, shake your feathers, let brilliance
shine from your eyes, as you seduce your mate the reader, into your nest
of fantasy and life that knows no limits .

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