Thursday, April 1, 2010

WRITERS UNITE – Before it’s too late.

The New York Review of Books – March 10, 2010
Jason Epstein: PUBLISHING: The Revolutionary Future

"Traditional territorial rights will become superfluous and a worldwide,
uniform copyright convention will be essential. Protecting content from
unauthorized file sharers will remain a vexing problem that raises
serious questions about the viability of authorship, for without
protection authors will starve and civilization will decline....

"The difficult, solitary work of literary creation, however, demands
rare individual talent and in fiction is almost never collaborative.
Social networking may expose readers to this or that book but violates
the solitude required to create artificial worlds with real people in them."

Brilliant article in my favorite literary magazine. Thank you Jason Epstein.

More to follow……………

Leave comments, let's find a way to unite and find a system not only to
work together, but to reach out for our readers and their support.

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