Thursday, January 14, 2010

KRISTALLNACHT ALL OVER AGAIN ... Only this time it’s against the Gypsies/Roma

[Roma Daily News] Turkey: Rising discrimination in society rings alarm

10/01/2010 – "The trend reached its peak this week when nearly 1,000
residents of Manisa's Selendi district attacked the area's Roma
community, stoning their homes and demolishing their stores in the
aftermath of a brief brawl allegedly over cigarette smoking at a
coffeehouse in the area on New Year's Eve."

The morning after the night of November 9, 1938, an aunt of mine rode
her bicycle through Cologne, Germany toward her place of work. What she
found were streets littered with the shattered glass of windows of
houses and shops of Germany's Jewish minority. It was the true beginning
of the holocaust, visible to all. The other German minority, her Gypsy
population, had no such visible signs. They were lured into death camps
with promises of work and a better life. It was a period of harsh
economic times and high unemployment.

I am a survivor of World War II. I was a child then, and we went
underground. We were never captured. But I lived through the whole
height of inhumanity. I was recently asked in a Cable interview, did I
think the holocaust would ever re-occur. My first answer was no, not to
the same extent of unlimited mass murder over several years. Not unless
news of these occurrences get suppressed in the media, as they did
during the first years of the German holocaust. On the other hand, these
occurrences have to be picked up by major mass media, they have to make
headlines. We, who are fighting for the Rights of Roma, have to make
sure that's where they appear. The Western Press has to zoom in on these
renewed persecutions of the Roma People.

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