Tuesday, November 10, 2009

By Criticizing Madonna For Not Doing Enough, Are We Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth?

"Welcoming Madonna for supporting Roma people, Hindus have urged her to
'wholeheartedly' undertake Roma cause and do substantially more than
just donating a used pair of shoes for Roma charity." [Roma Daily News],
Friday, November 6, 2009.

It is not about the $ 16,600 Modanna raised for Roma children by
auctioning a pair of her shoes, it is about the fact that Madonna did
what few do – rebel openly against the centuries-long injustice and
inhumanity committed against Europe's Roma people. As those of us, who
for decades now have tried to raise awareness to the continued
persecution and/or marginalization, know – the majority of non-Gypsies
either doesn't care, or looks the other way. I have no idea whether
Madonna was or is a Gypsy activist, or whether she is simply a human
being who cares and has the guts to make her feelings known. To me the
question is not, should the famous pop-star do more, but rather how do
we attract more people like her?

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