Friday, September 4, 2009


Madonna was the first major star to use her fame to open Europe’s Pandora box of ancient prejudice and racial divide. She is bravely exporting principles from our own beloved United States, where no matter how many problems we face, freedom and equality for all will always remain at the top of what we fight for. Now echoing from those Eastern European countries, 20 million voices of Europe’s persecuted to this day, and I quote:

From: “Roma Virtual Network”, August 29, 2009:
“Sofia, Bulgaria – Today is Michael Jackson’s birthday, and today the worldwide Roma community is pleased to launch an online tribute to their all time favorite entertainer, the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson is no longer with us, but he is fondly remembered by 20 million Gypsies. As a gesture of love and respect for their King of Pop, Roma around the world are invited to submit videos of their own best Michael Jackson song and dance performances.
‘The Roma of the world have one opinion,’ stated Vadim Kolpakov, who is currently performing in Sofia, Bulgaria, with Madonna’s worldwide Sticky and Sweet tour. ‘Madonna is our Queen of Pop, and Michael Jackson will always be our King of Pop.’”

Sometimes art will succeed, where politics and bureaucracy fail. Music of course goes straight to the heart, art to the eye, literature to the brain. We need all three of these art forms to slowly change prejudice that divides us and make the world a better, more interesting place for all of us to share.

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